Our Mission

Providing insight on the trends and issues of strategic significance...

Campden Wealth’s ability to operate at the forefront of innovation for substantial financial and business-owning families comes from its privileged access to their leaders, significant family offices and the influential professionals who advise them.

These relationships provide an understanding of what is essential to ultra-high net-worth families.  By connecting with their everyday concerns, Campden Wealth identifies proprietary research projects that produce valuable data and insightful analysis on topics of strategic significance.

Campden Wealth has researched trends and developments in European single family offices, chronicled the changing role of US family offices, studied advanced

planning practices for business-owning families, looked at the challenges of succession and wealth management in Russia, assessed attitudes towards global family philanthropy and reported on how affluent women are taking control of their future.

Campden Research reports have garnered widespread coverage in international business media including The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist, CNBC and the BBC as well as specialty and geographically based publications – L’agefi, Corriere della Sera, The Times, South China Morning Post, Handelsblatt, Vedomosti and USA Today.

…an ongoing understanding of what is essential to the success of ultra-high net-worth families.

Current Research Reports

Family Business

Campden Wealth, the global research and networking organisation for families of substantial wealth, reveals the power of the next generation and family businesses’ secrets of success in its new report released today titled, The Top 75 Fastest Growing Mid-Sized Family Businesses.

Campden Wealth has compiled a list of the 50 fastest-growing family businesses worldwide. This study  analyses the DNA of these high-growth companies and identifies the operational, organisational and governance drivers of their success.

Family Office

In the last decade, family offices have become more prominent and sophisticated venture capital investors. The Family Offices Investing in Venture Capital 2021-2022 series summarises information provided by 139 representatives of ultra-high net worth families around the world with experience in venture investing.

The 2021 edition of Investing for Global Impact: A Power for Good provides the most in-depth research on sustainable investing within the high / ultra-high net worth community and their family offices / foundations, this report provides insights, analysis, and examples of best practice. It looks at the strategies, motivations, and attitudes of different types of investors – philanthropic, impact, and traditional – and explores their views on important issues such as climate change and the effects of Covid-19 on investing.  

Campden Wealth and its partners GIST Initiatives and Barclays Private Bank present this study on impact investing and provide valuable insights on opportunities and challenges in this dynamic investment space.  

Campden Wealth and BNP Paribas Wealth Management present an extensive study on Next Generation Wealth Holders in Asia-Pacific – their education, experience, engagement with and intentions for family businesses and investments, and expectations of banks – as Next Gens are taking the reins and shaping developments in the financial ecosystem. 

Campden Wealth and Royal Bank of Canada jointly publish research on the values, priorities, and practices of the next generation (Next Gen) of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) families.

In partnership with Campden Wealth, SVB Financial Group presents a detailed study on family offices’ investment levels, performance, expectations, barriers toward venture investments, and their expectations for how the market will evolve amid COVID-19.

Campden Wealth and FOTT, along with their partners UBS and AVIC Trust have released a unique and in-depth study on private wealth management and the family office space in China.

Campden Wealth and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors have produced a largescale, global research report on family philanthropic giving, with a focus on strategic time horizons.

The Global Family Office Report series is now in its sixth year and provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective outlook of family offices around the world. 

Campden Wealth and Campden Family Connect are delighted to present our first research report on ultra-high net worth private wealth management and family offices in India.

Family Wealth

Campden Wealth Research and Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management’s ‘Family Decision-Making’ study maps decision-making within UHNW families in North America. The results find a growing formalisation of decision-making and evidence of democratisation.