Our Mission

Providing insight on the trends and issues of strategic significance...

Campden Wealth’s ability to operate at the forefront of innovation for substantial financial and business-owning families comes from its privileged access to their leaders, significant family offices and the influential professionals who advise them.

These relationships provide an understanding of what is essential to ultra-high net-worth families.  By connecting with their everyday concerns, Campden Wealth identifies proprietary research projects that produce valuable data and insightful analysis on topics of strategic significance.

Campden Wealth has researched trends and developments in European single family offices, chronicled the changing role of US family offices, studied advanced

planning practices for business-owning families, looked at the challenges of succession and wealth management in Russia, assessed attitudes towards global family philanthropy and reported on how affluent women are taking control of their future.

Campden Research reports have garnered widespread coverage in international business media including The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist, CNBC and the BBC as well as specialty and geographically based publications – L’agefi, Corriere della Sera, The Times, South China Morning Post, Handelsblatt, Vedomosti and USA Today.

…an ongoing understanding of what is essential to the success of ultra-high net-worth families.

Current Research Reports

Family Business

The report captures a sense of leading business owners’ perspectives on best practices for supporting business growth and wealth management across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 

This is the inaugural UBS/Campden Wealth report on Turkish wealth builders, a look at the business leaders of one of the world’s most dynamic emerging economies, the way they invest and the way they approach wealth management.

Exploring three major dynamics of the Russian entrepreneurial experience: business development, family participation and wealth management.

Family Office

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective outlook of family offices around the world. 

This is the sixth Campden European Family Office survey, and the fourth sponsored by UBS. It covers sixty-one offices across Europe, each with a net worth in excess of €50million.

 The U.S. Trust / Campden Wealth North American Family Office Study 2013 provides insights into many of the most pressing issues faced by family offices.

Campden Research is launching the second Asia-Pacific Family Office survey in Singapore and Hong Kong in 2013.

Family Wealth

Campden Wealth spearheads this unprecedented analysis of private wealth in the Middle East, the Qatar Financial Centre/Campden Wealth Middle East Wealth Report 2013.