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Global Family Office Benchmarking

You can now access the value of the Campden Wealth’s Global Family Office database in a more customised manner. We are offering fully confidential benchmarking reports and data files, which can meet the most specific information needs of individual Family Offices.

Compare your performance against peer family offices
Know your strengths and identify your weaknesses
Ensure that you have the right strategy to succeed
Control your costs
Make smarter decisions

In its third year Campden Wealth’s Global Family Office study continues to enjoy success, with over 250 SFOs and MFOs taking part each year. We’ve been very proud to see our GFO community grow every year and attract an increasingly more diverse pool of Family Office willing to share their information in a confidential manner.

Thanks to your engagement and the growing scope of the Global Family Office study, we have now established the world’s largest database of Family Office metrics. It is a unique source of knowledge on matters that are key to the success of the Family Offices, including: costs, asset allocation and portfolio performance, governance, risk management and much more.

Through our new Benchmarking service we are offering you the opportunity to extract insight from the Global Family Office study that is the most relevant to your family office.

Define your benchmark
Using GFO profiling data
Choose your metrics
From Over 150 GFO Survey

Make smarter
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