The Family Wealth Report 2018 - A roadmap for the Indian family office
Price: 1,750.00

‘The Family Wealth Report -2018, a roadmap for the Indian family Office’, the report is based on primary research with qualitative and quantitative data gathered from UHNWI (Ultra-high Net worth Individuals) from across India and enables peer to peer learning focussed towards families that are keen to learn about family offices in India.

Seventy eight UHNW families were examined with an average net worth of USD $645 million and assets under management (AUM) USD $318 million. 


The report acts as a guide to understanding the basic structure of a family office, it seeks to understand the needs of Indian UHNWIs and provides an in-depth view of how these Individuals look at family offices to manage their needs, be it wealth management, governance, investment, succession planning or philanthropy. The report also empowers readers to start understanding the steps and questions that one needs to ask for setting up a family office and operate in an institutional manner.


Price: £1,750 (including VAT).