More than a quarter of UHNW families targeted by cyber attack

28% of ultra-high net worth international families, family offices and family businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past.


This is according to Private & Confidential: The Cyber Security Report, a new study by Campden Research in partnership with Schillings, in which over a third (38%) of participants stated they do not currently having a cyber security plani n place, despite 98% of families citing reputation as important to their family’s success.


Schillings’ chief executive and partner Rod Christie-Miller said amid a rising number of high-profile cyber attacks, families were failing to see such attacks as a threat to their reputation; despite the fact they can result in blackmail, extortion and smear campaigns.


“There is a fine line between complacency and confidence. The link between private and confidential information being stolen, and the impact this can have on reputation, is not being made”, Christie-Miller said.


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Some things to consider from the report...


  • Families and businesses are unnecessarily increasing their risk to the most common reputation and privacy threats
  • Publicly available information is not being considered
  • Reputation is a crucial asset and confidence about resilience is very high
  • Privacy is obtainable

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