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Banking, Entrepreneurialism, and the Next Generation of Wealth Holders 2020

Campden Wealth and BNP Paribas Wealth Management present an extensive study on Next Generation Wealth Holders in Asia-Pacific – their education, experience, engagement with and intentions for family businesses and investments, and expectations of banks – as Next Gens are taking the reins and shaping developments in the financial ecosystem. 

The Next Generation of Global Enterprising Families - Shaping Tomorrow, Today 20

Campden Wealth and Royal Bank of Canada jointly publish research on the values, priorities, and practices of the next generation (Next Gen) of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) families.

Family Offices Investing in Venture Capital - Global Trends & Insights Report, 2

In partnership with Campden Wealth, SVB Financial Group presents a detailed study on family offices’ investment levels, performance, expectations, barriers toward venture investments, and their expectations for how the market will evolve amid COVID-19.

Chinese Family Office and Wealth Management Report, 2020

Campden Wealth and FOTT, along with their partners UBS and AVIC Trust have released a unique and in-depth study on private wealth management and the family office space in China.

Global Trends and Strategic Time Horizons in Family Philanthropy 2020

Campden Wealth and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors have produced a largescale, global research report on family philanthropic giving, with a focus on strategic time horizons.

The Global Family Office Report 2019

The Global Family Office Report series is now in its sixth year and provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective outlook of family offices around the world. Over 350 family offices globally took part in the research.

The Family Wealth Report 2018 - A roadmap for the Indian family office

Campden Wealth and Campden Family Connect are delighted to present our first research report on ultra-high net worth private wealth management and family offices in India.

Private Equity Investing and Co-Investment Activity by Family Offices

Campden Wealth are delighted to present the second edition of the Private Equity Investing and Co-Investment Activity by Family Offices report.

Now available for purchase. Campden Wealth has compiled a list of the top 75 fastest growing mid-sized family business worldwide.