The QFC/Campden Middle East Wealth Study 2013
Beyond convention
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Wealth in the Middle East, and particularly in the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”), is a global phenomenon today.

But the nature of that wealth, especially from an individual perspective, is often misunderstood.This report is designed to shed light on Middle Eastern wealth holders and on what basis they interact with providers of financial services designed to meet their needs.

With a decade of expertise in serving the needs of family businesses and significantly wealthy families around the world, Campden Wealth was thrilled to spearhead this unprecedented analysis of private wealth in the Middle East, the Qatar Financial Centre/Campden Wealth Middle East Wealth Report 2013. Having conducted similar research in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, Campden found a foray in the Middle East to be a logical next step for the deployment of the company’s unparalleled expertise in a fascinating, yet poorly understood, segment of the world economy.

The research includes a mix of in-depth interviews and surveys.

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David Bain

David Bain is editorial director of Campden Wealth. He joined Campden in July 2010 from Dow Jones, where he worked on Wealth-Bulletin and Financial News, as well as contributing to the Wall Street Journal. He has had 20 years' experience as a journalist and economist working at various organisations, including Schroders and the Economist Intelligence Unit, part of the Economist. He holds an economics degree from London School of Economics.


Andrei Postelnicu

Prior to joining Campden,  Andrei Postelnicu worked as an independent consultant, advising senior executives and policymakers - also working as a senior advisor in a presidential campaign. His 12 year career also includes stints at Bloomberg News and the Financial Times, where he worked as a journalist covering capital markets, regulation and asset management. Andrei holds a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy and is fluent in English, French and Romanian.


The Qatar Financial Centre Authority (“QFC Authority”) is the commercial arm of the Qatar Financial Centre (“QFC”). Set up by the government of Qatar in 2005, the QFC also consists of an independent financial regulator, the QFC Regulatory Authority, and an independent judiciary comprising a civil and commercial court and a regulatory tribunal. The QFC Authority is responsible for leading the expansion of Qatar’s financial services sector and for developing relationships with the regional and global financial community.

The QFC provides Qatari and international firms with access to local and regional investment opportunities, including over $137 billion of prospective  infrastructure investment in Qatar through to 2015, as well as over $1.2 trillion of planned investment across the Gulf Cooperation Council. The QFC offers a strong legal and regulatory environment for firms modelled on global best practice and many leading international and local firms have already obtained QFC licenses. These comprise a vibrant mix of investment banking, private banking, (re)insurance and asset management firms within the regulated space, and consultancy service providers, law firms and financial services recruitment firms in the non-regulated arena.

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