The UBS / Campden Wealth Russian Entrepreneurship Report 2015
Russia's Wealth Creators: Banking on Recovery
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This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective outlook of Russian Wealth Holders, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the business climate; opportunities for growth; investment strategies; and more.

Amassing data for such a niche report is no small feat, especially given that Russian wealth holders are famous for their discretion and desire for privacy. Given the international and domestic geopolitical turbulence of 2014, this is a particular time of concern for Russia wealth holders. Campden Wealth began its research in autumn 2014 and concluded the study in early 2015, having engaged 30 participants through a structured survey, followed by a discreet interview typically lasting three-quarters of an hour. 

The 30 Russian-national participants in this study represent over USD 2.5 billion of personal Russian wealth, USD 6.5 billion of business turnover in 2014, and reflect a diverse range of industries. 

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